After a disappointing first two games in the Finals, Game 3 would be a make or break. The Lakers are a great time no doubt, but as everyone keeps mentioning the Heat are underdogs, but they didn't come this far because it was given to them. They came this far because they deserved it. After losing two of their greatest players, I feel like coach Spoelstra needs to use some of his other players from the bench.

Coming into Game 3, as a Heat fan I remained hopeful. If they aren’t losing hope, why should I? I am just a fan, not a player, but still.

Game 3 was going to be an intense one since Dragic and Adebayo are still out. Team members like Leonard and Olynik definitely stepped up their game in Game 3 and definitely gave the team a boost in confidence that they needed. As per the last two games, Anthony Davis, from the Lakers, was not a dominating factor in Game 3. This time the Heat were smart about making sure that he could not easily access the paint and make those shots. This time around the Lakers was barely sent to the foul line, which meant that the Heat was playing smart both offensively and defensively.

Meyers Leonard, honestly, I feel like Spoelstra could use him more and give him more minutes per game. He has the height and he was a great asset in Game 3. 

The first quarter was dominated by Robinson, Butler, Leonard, and Crowder who came together to put the Heat on top. The halftime ended with the Heat 58 and the Lakers 54. 

As we entered the second half it was nail-biting. Herro was off his game a bit, although he remained an essential asset to the Heat. Butler and Crowder were on point not just with the rebounds, but with making those shots to the basket. Olynik was great, even more so in the second half and Butler was dominating the game overall in Game 3. Despite not having Adebayo the Heat came together and played a great game. 

Game 4 is going to be interesting and we shall see if Adebayo comes into play. 

Stay tuned as the Finals continue to get interesting. 

Final Score:

LAL 115

MIA 104