After the Miami Heats win in Game 3, they are still doubted to win Game 4 of the finals in general. Understandably, the Heat has always been considered the underdogs. They have had a tough time getting a team together and although I have been a little out of the basketball scene these past years, the love for the game is still imminent. From what I have seen in these past games from the playoffs to now the finals, they have a pretty good team, they just need to work with their strengths. 

Back to Game 4. LOL! 

Adebayo has been trying to get back in the game since Game 2 and he was finally cleared to play in Game 4. Although I am happy that he came back in because he puts in the work and the hustle to defend, make rebounds, and make points, but I feel like Leonard should have also had a couple of minutes in the game as well. As mentioned height is imperative against the Lakers and Leonard also aids in that part. However, the first half was intense. Both teams were neck in neck with points and being consistent in their defense. Coming into the second half the Heat are going to have to be more aggressive and limit the mistakes. 

The first half ends with LAL 49 MIA 47

As the third quarter begins I am so hopeful, the lead was not that big in the first half and there is still time. Olynick coming in with some nice shots in the 3rd quarter and the game was still a coin toss. It could be the Heat or Laker game still. There were great plays by both teams and no one was letting up.

Coming into the 4th quarter, points become a necessity. 

As the Heat continue to try and stay on top, the Lakers were quicker. They were quick for the rebounds, quick for the points. Davis never disappoints as he is always there under the basket to catch the rebound and complete the shot for his team. Rondo, is always making great plays and shooting down the threes. At 6:51 in the 4th quarter, Duncan Robinson making an amazing 3 point shot without any hesitation. These are the times I wish the Heat would take advantage of, not stress, and just play with confidence. Herro also coming in making back-to-back difficult shots. 

Although the Heat was making great strides in their comeback in the 4th quarter, the last 3 minutes of the game was a no-nonsense and no-mistake period. Avoiding fouls, avoiding missing shots, and avoiding turnovers was essential. Yet, what pissed me off was Crowder. I really wish that he did not make several of those fouls. He sent Anthony Davis to the line twice and Lebron. Not defending Lebron, but I understand why he got mad at that foul. It’s that time where fouls should not be made and Crowder could have tried harder to make a smarter play. 

Lastly, I don’t know about you all, but I am waiting to see a more aggressive Herro in the Finals. He was incredible in the playoffs and I feel like his confidence is up and down. Herro, you got this for game 5. Don’t lose your swagger. Looking forward to game 5 for more of Adebayo who was playing phenomenal after missing 2 games prior to the injury he had in Game 1. It does look like Dragic is going to be out for the rest of the Finals, but Heat fans are feeding off of Butlers hope for Game 5.

“It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” 😂

Final Score:

LAL 102

MIA 96