Hey guys! Thanks for stumbling onto Nidia’s page.  ​♛

From a young age, Nidia was always drawn to anything artistic. At the age of 11, she won her first global art contest. Her piece was chosen out of thousands, for her depiction of the Mexican culture. Although she did not avidly pursue art, it’s always been her passion. 

She has constantly dabbled in anything DIY and business-oriented. Some of her side businesses have been selling jewelry and over the past few years, she has grown more in her endeavors. They continue to be side businesses, but most importantly seasonal. From selling Avon avidly to selling roses and creating gift baskets for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mothers Day. It is all not just in the idea, but how you present the products you are selling and that what you are selling appeases the target audience you are trying to reach. Doing raffles to win a gift card and creating a youtube live feed so people do not assume you are cheating. It honestly is fruitful and you earn a little extra. 

Nidia has even used her creativity and business skills for her office. Creating gift packages for different seasons such as Valentine's Day, Easter, St. Patricks day (although rare), Halloween, and Christmas. A lot of her customers, mostly from where her husband works and other places, appreciate this because it saves them some time and is great last-minute gifts. 

She graduated with her Associate in Arts Degree from Miami Dade College, in Computer Animation. She then had a short-lived study in 3D Animation for her Bachelor’s degree, at the Academy of Art University, based in San Francisco, CA. Due to financial struggles, she took a small break before coming back to school to finish her Bachelor’s, but this time in Supervision and Management. In between, she got married, got a dog, and changed part-time jobs.  ​Finally, this past summer, 2020, she has finally completed her Bachelor's degree and is focusing on other ventures. 

This page is dedicated to Faith. Art. & Design. It is a play on her initials, NAC, with the use of symbols and positions. She thought of and created this logo in a Graphic Design course that she took with Miami Dade College.  ​

And after years, of building, deleting, changing, and repeating these steps, she is happy to announce that this is a page she can not only share her artwork, but that she can grow with as an artist, blogger, and so much more. Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram with her handle @nudreamr.