Honestly, I felt like in Game 2 the Heat came in a little skeptical after having lost Dragic and Adebayo to injuries in Game 1. Two of their best players were out for the count and we are not sure if it will be for the rest of the Finals. Although it is looking like that will be a possibility at this point.

The first half was pretty intense with the Lakers big lead and the Heat struggling to catch up. As the halftime rolled in, the Lakers had a 14 point lead over the Heat. Coming into the 2nd half would require more defense and more strategy, which the Heat were currently lacking.

Anthony Davis practically owned the 2nd game. His height was a definite advantage. He is over 6 ft tall and was dominating in the paint. Blocking shots and quick to grab a rebound. He was quick and ready for the assists throughout the game and his aggressiveness showed. If a teammate missed a shot he was there to complete the basket.

Height is a definite advantage for the Lakers and they had more strategy when it came to dealing with Butler.

The Heat were lacking confidence in the 2nd game, along with a great offense and defense. They got pretty sloppy in the 2nd half and were just shooting threes all willy nilly. In my opinion, 3’s are important, but it is not the only way to score. That is when they need to play more aggressive and drive to the basket and make those Field goal points. That is more essential than just trying to make three point shots, because the Lakers are great in that sense.

Game 3 will ultimately come down to having that same confidence they had going against the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. In the words of Jimmy Butler, “We got here for a reason. We got here because we belong.” That is exactly what I want to see coming from the hometown team.

Final Score:

Miami Heat 114
Los Angeles Lakers 124