As the underdog of the NBA, the Miami Heat came back on top during the playoffs winning the Eastern Conference Finals. They have now made it this far in the finals against the Lakers. The Lakers are honestly a great team and they are the favored team to win these finals, but as a Miami Heat fan, I am rooting for them. It has been a while since I have written any basketball posts so I may be rusty.

If you follow the game, you know that the Heat were up in the 1st quarter with a 13 point lead over the Lakers, but the Lakers came back with more force in the 2nd quarter. By the end of the first half, the Lakers were up by 17 points. Rondo, Davis and Lebron dominated the 2nd quarter. They had a great offense and defense over the Heat. The first injury of the night came with Butler twisting his ankle and it was honestly pretty bad.

After the half-time was over the Heat came back and I thought that they were going to step up their game, but as the next two quarters played it became difficult. Dragic ended with a torn plantar fascia on his left foot making him out for the count. Bam Adebayo with his shoulder injury was out for the rest of the game, al though he and fans everywhere hoped he could come back in Game 2.

As the Heat entered the 4th quarter, Butler and Herro continued to work together alongside Crowder, Nunn, Iguodala, Robinson, and Olynik tried their best to close the gap between them and the Lakers. It was a great effort, but with the loss of Adebayo and Dragic, the hype of the team seemed to have died down.

The Lakers take home game 1 with an 8 point lead over the Heat.

Los Angeles Lakers 116
Miami Heat 98

Let’s see how Game 2 fares for our Miami Heat.