How many of you have had a week full of good news or blessings as I call them?
Well, after a year and a half, we finally got a little car again. Is it new? Is it shiny? Is it out of the dealer package?

No, it is not new. It is a 2008 Nissan Versa. Although it has 17 k miles, it runs like new. There are a few modifications we will be doing in time, but for now, it is good as is. We even purchased a seat cover for the back seat to take our dog, Loly on mini trips to get her used to be in the car ($8 at Marshall's 😱🤯).

The next bit of good news is school-related. As mentioned in a previous post I am trying to get my bachelor and my boss told me to apply for Financial Aid and see what happens. I did not want to because they were asking me for so much since I was at my cap in credits. However, I did it anyway since I could try and apply for scholarships. After applying, I didn't check my emails for any updates on it and just let it go. However, when I was registering for classes they told me that Financial Aid had paid for my courses. These were upper-division courses and it was a little over $1500. Let me tell you how I felt... 😱😭🙏. It was a mixture of emotions and these three emojis sums it up.

Although I do not have enough Financial Aid left to use because of my time at AAU, but this was amazing. I just need it long enough to finish my last few remaining courses. Let me tell you, financially this was a blessing in disguise. Now the possibilities are endless and better things are yet to come.

I must admit that that week I was high with happy endorphins 🤣. But honestly, I felt extremely blessed because it could not have come at a better time.

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