Hurricane Dorian and its Trajectory
Hurricane Dorian was set to make a big impact on all of Florida this past weekend. My mom and I purchased snacks, water, sodas, candles, batteries, etc. for the house. Through the course of the weekend, we continued being vigilant at the news. Hurricane Dorian was set to cause a major catastrophe in Florida. Fortunately for us, Dorian took a turn North and was only going to hit the area of West Palm Beach and move upward to the Carolinas. Unfortunately for our friends in the Bahamas, that was not the case. Although all of the Bahamas was not hit, some of their islands suffered a great deal. They received the full force of the eye of the hurricane and there was major flooding, along with massive destruction. 

Not only is heartbreaking to hear that a woman was asking for us to pray for her and her 4-month old baby, but to also hear that hurricane Dorian is at a standstill in the Bahamas continuing to be a menace. It makes you think...what is he doing? Where will he go? We, in Florida, right now should still not drop our guard. We must continue praying for the best and hope that Dorian soon dissipates in the water and can no longer cause any more havoc. 

Now, Florida may have gotten lucky, but the Bahamas needs our help. I haven't had the pleasure of visiting the Bahamas, but we cannot let them perish or stand-alone. If you are willing to help then the following necessities are necessary: 

  1. toiletries, 
  2. diapers, 
  3. baby food
  4. water, 
  5. batteries, 
  6. flashlights, 
  7. canned goods, etc. 

The following locations are receiving these donations to send to the Bahamas: 

Bahamas your in our thoughts and prayers. 🙏