The PokΓ©mon Go app just celebrated its 3rd anniversary.

My husband had downloaded the app when it first came out back in 2016. You can say that it was only natural that I would follow suit after that. However, a few months in and we uninstalled it. 3 years later to be exact, we decided to re-download the app and play again. This time is more fun because we go out a bit more now than before.

Teddiursa of the Johto region
We have been playing it for the past few months. We pass by a lot more pokestops around here where we live, at my job and when we run errands as well.

It’s been fun and since during the week we do not get a lot of time to do new things, so this kind of lets us relieve some stress from work and get out of the monotony of our daily routines.

I love how easy it is to handle and work. You get the experience that you see in the film with poke balls and trying to catch a new pokemon. You can catch multiple of them to transfer them and gain candies to increase your pokemon's power or to be able to evolve them into their next evolution. They also provide you with tasks to complete, gyms to battle and poke stops to restock on healing potions, poke balls and treats to feed the pokemon you leave at a gym you have overpowered.

However, more to the point of speaking about the app. I do rate it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. It has certain kinks in the pokestops where it says "Try again later" or sometimes it freezes. The other main reason why it is missing that last star rating is because of the weather discrepancies πŸ™„ . I live in Miami and the weather can be bipolar πŸ˜’. It can be sunny in one area and 5 streets up it can be pouring rain. The app doesn't necessarily portray the correct weather. It may be that the app cannot keep up with the constant unexpected weather changes, but sometimes you can miss out on specific pokemon weather types.

Other than the few kinks, we love the game a lot and we have been playing so much that we finally reached Ultra friends in the game. We are currently working on increasing our power so that we may come out victorious in more raids.  πŸ‘Š

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