"Guess who’s back? Back again. 

Nidi’s back. Back again." 🎵

I love playing on the Eminem song. 🎵

And so the final week of the Summer B session is upon us. I did not want to take classes this semester, but I was talked into it. That is what I have been doing for the past month in a half. Already working on my upper-division courses for my Bachelor's degree. The name of the course is MAN3301 - Human Resource Management. If you take courses at Miami Dade College, I do recommend Professor Ramsundar. She responds to student's emails promptly. She is very attentive to any issues in the course and plans accordingly. For example, we had an issue with a writing assignment not appearing on Cengage. Although she tried to fix the issue, she was not able to resolve it so she took out the 2 writing assignments altogether. The course included one Proctored Midterm, Non-proctored Final, and the rest of the assignments through Cengage. 

It was a fun course, but glad it is finally coming to an end. My sole focus has been on this course, work, family and church. I just completed my final, so I am looking forward to getting a mini-break before resuming in the Fall. 

I am confident that I passed the course, but going to wait for the final grades to be posted. 

Stay tuned for more updates, more posts, more art, and just...more. 😘