Never thought that you can put art and sonograms together, but after following another artist on Instagram @dinotomic with gunpowder art, sand art, water art, etc, I’m not surprised anymore.  

Laura Steerman, a 35-year-old artist and mom of three, is an artist based out Dublin, Ireland who creates abstract sonogram paintings. Her business is named, Quaint Babe Bespoke Ultrasound Art

Steerman tells Babble that while she works as an attorney to pay the bills, she makes art to feed her soul, and what a beautiful way to feed her soul (in my opinion). 

Steerman began painting her own daughter’s scans after experiencing several movement scares during her pregnancy. It is no wonder that many woman have turned to her to help them capture such a beautiful moment is a woman’s life. And while some mothers did not have a successful or easy pregnancy, Steerman was able to connect with them and steer her in a direction she may not have encountered on her own. 
Make sure to check out her work in the link below and to read her whole story.

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