Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a game that can be downloaded from the play store. I love Harry Potter and I wanted to see if the game was true to the movie. Here are my thoughts on the overall design of the game.

Character Design is great overall.  🤩 Professor Snape is as suspicious, serious and straight faced as ever. McGonagall, with her firm attitude, but soft facial expressions when you have done something good. Professor Dumbledore has his usual wise and perceptive look. Hagrid, with his usual up to something and scruffy look. Other characters include:
· Professor Sprout
· Professor Flitwick
· Nearly Headless Nick
· etc.

The clothes, personalities and facial features stayed true to the characters in the film.

Screenshot of some of the places I
have unlocked with some characters
You can’t have characters without a set design. The Great Hall has its old yet, inviting charm, decorated with festive items during Christmas, Halloween and the different seasons. Hagrid’s hut remains true to its quirky and messy self. Dumbledore’s office is equipped with an exquisite microscope, wall to wall shelves filled with books, and his trusted Fawkes.

Some other places include:
· Snape’s potion classroom
· the Quidditch training grounds
· the greenhouse where Herbology class is held
· Gryffindor common room
· Diagon Alley
· Hogsmeade

These are just a few of the places and as you move from year to year you unlock new locations. I give this game 4.5 stars, because of a minor detail in my opinion. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I was initially studying animation, until I had to stop. One of the main things the professors will tell you is to make it realistic. There are just some moments where the hands or feet go through certain objects, but they are minor details. Other than that, it has great art and great design, which is something I can appreciate.  😊 💙

Keep in mind that this is not a review on the game itself, however, if you would like to see some of the elements that I have mentioned, then head on over to your app store and check it out for yourself.  👾