Hello, Hello, Hello. It has been several years since I wrote a blog post, but I want to begin writing again. A lot has happened these past few years. In 2020, the Pandemic brought on an array of excellent new changes for me. I got more hours and changed from part-time to full-time at the beginning of 2021. Then, before the end of 2022, I was able to move up and change my role in my department. It brought on a lot more responsibilities and more work. Then, in 2023, my father got sick in August and had to have surgery. It’s brought an array of changes in my life, and I’ve had to become the head of my household, which has brought on additional changes. At the end of 2023, I decided to revisit my idea of starting a business formally. I did some research and chose a niche to begin with. At the beginning of 2024, I registered my business as C.G. Walk by Faith, Art, & Design. While waiting for the Division of Corporations to review and approve my business registration, I began working on the products I wanted to sell.
I also contacted a couple of people I work with to inquire if I could participate in the Movie and Market Nights as a vendor since I was unsure if I could since I also worked there. I was very grateful that I was allowed to do so and that I had the support of my boss to cut my day short and participate in the Movie and Market nights. The first Movie and Market night was canceled in January because of a brewing storm. So, my first official event was in February. I only hoped to sell one item, but I made a pretty decent sale for my first event, which made me more excited to continue. As you can see below, it was also my first time, and I was not fully prepared. I only had soaps and some candles and was promoting my usual basket sales.
The sales were also decent for my second event, but I had more products. I added new scented soaps, candles, art pieces, and key chains. I also added wax melts and created the cutest label for them, plus instruction cards.
Although I have not made big sales, I am excited that I have put myself out there. I am looking forward to applying to other markets to continue to grow. I have even set up an Etsy account and am currently working on posting those listings to share with everyone soon. Thank you so much. Stay tuned for upcoming events, business updates, and behind-the-scenes posts. Thank you again for sticking out this far.