In honor of Flashback Friday, here is the last installment of the Heat vs. Lakers game. The Finals were intense, and both teams were hungry and eager to get the win. 

After missing games 2 through 5, Dragic finally came back for Game 6, and boy was he missed. The first quarter was a slow start with the turnovers and missed opportunities on the Heat’s behalf. 

The first half was disheartening, in my opinion. The Heat had so many mistakes—bad passes causing turnovers and plenty of missed shots. With Rondo, the Lakers, being on point on his attempts, the Laker’s defense was outstanding. Davis should not be left unchecked under the basket. He is too quick on getting that rebound and is always ready to ensure that the ball goes into the basket. Let’s just say that the point deficit was in the Laker’s favor with 64 points and the Heat 36. 

Going into the 3rd quarter, I thought I would see a more aggressive Heat team, but there could have been more fight in them. As the 2nd half continued, the gap in points between both teams continued to remain in double digits, and the Heat needed to play smart against James, Davis, and Rondo. Rondo is quick on the court and has the ability to make 3 pointers and shots within the paint. Davis is always quick to get a rebound if one of his teammates miss the shot, he was there to complete the basket. The Lakers had a good balance of playing not just offensively, but defensively as well. The Heat have their games like this as well, but they need to step up their game a little more. 

In the last quarter, the Heat pushed through, leaving their heart and soul on the court trying to come back. Unfortunately, the Lakers were playing better defense. It was touch and go for the Heat from the beginning, and although they did not win the Finals, they did win the Eastern Conference Finals. The underdogs of the league came back amidst the pandemic and pulled off the impossible. I am glad they were able to make it this far, and with the team, they have now, they have the potential not just to bring back another Championship title home. 

I am not the biggest fan of the Lakers, but glad to know that win was in memoriam to Kobe and Gigi Bryant. 

In the new season, I really hope to see a more well-defined team playing to their strengths and improving on the areas that they need to improve on. It is not about being the best on the court, it is about being a unified team where one fails the other is there to pick the other one up and get that win for the team. 

You most definitely cannot win them all, but always trying to give it you’re all. The Heat play with all they had, but they could have played a little bit more aggressive and have a little bit more strategy in their plays. A lot of mistakes were made and you can only learn from them, in order to grow to become a better player.