Hey guys. This past 4th of July weekend was just a mess. 

Friday, July 5th, didn’t start as good either. After dropping off my husband at work, driving down Okeechobee an actual bird hit the windshield of my car and it was a bit scary. Once I got home then my parents put the laundry bags in the car and then it was off to work for my dad and me, while my mom went and did laundry. As the morning progressed it got a little better. Then we were told that there will be lunch for the office like at 1 pm, so I decided not to eat the lunch I brought in. I usually leave at 1:30, so I figured why not share with my coworkers a bit. Yet, past 1:30 and the food wasn’t in yet. They came with the food close to 2 pm. Yet, one of the ladies from the department came in and said that she didn’t know everyone on the floor was going to eat and they didn’t have enough. 😥

I normally eat at 12 and no later than 12:30 pm, so this was pushing it. I decided not to take the sliders they brought in, because I thought it was in lack of communication and preparation not to have enough. I heat the hamburger that I brought from home and at that with tortilla chips and salsa, while I waited for my mom to pick me. Once she got here, we went to pick up my dad, because he got out of work early. Everything was fine up to the point when we went to put gas. After that, the car wouldn’t start. My dad pushed the car, well-tried, but wasn’t able to do it on his own. Here the adrenaline kicked in, I got out of the car and helped push the car. Then of course since I never kept going on my physical therapy for my hand, well that excessive push was enough to have my hand hurting the whole weekend and even now still. 😓

Well, in the end, we purchased a new battery and that resolved the issue for the night. The next day, I went to drop off my husband at work and like any other Saturday, I stopped by el Fresco just to get a loaf of bread to eat breakfast. I was in and out in 5 minutes. When I get to the car, just my luck the darn thing would not turn on. I called my husband and told him, he’s like, “Give it some time and try to start it.” I waited for an hour and a half. 😪 Yet the car would not start and of course my luck, it started pouring rain. 🌧

All in all, my husband decided to call a tow truck to pick me up and take me to his job. That was an extra hour and a half, with more heavy rain and no AC to at least get me through the morning. I finally got picked up and once I got to my husbands’ job well, he figured out it was time to change the starting motor 🤔. One of the guys there lent me their car and I was able to go to Auto Parts and purchase one there. After that, the car finally started working properly. I wasted about 4 hours of my life with all of this. On the plus side, there was a restaurant close to his job and I just purchased a toast, a soda and a colada for the guys. After that, I just waited another two hours for him to get out of work.

By the time we got home, I was not having it with anybody. I just went straight to my room and called it a day. The whole experience, getting wet, being stranded, hungry and waiting on an unprecedented outcome, was tiring all on its own.